Repairs / Servicing

We can attend to a wide range of repairs and servicing and general fabrication maintenance.

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Machining / Grinding

We offer a range of machining and grinding services using our niche machinery coupled with South Australian materials.

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Please email, fax, post or bring in your rolling drawings or sketch for us to have a look at.

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Repairs / Servicing


At Treg Trailers, we can help you with anything trailer related. Whether you’re looking for a new trailer, having a problem with your current one or need some general advice, the TREG team are here to help.

How We Can Help You

  • Pre Owned
    If you have a pre-owned Treg trailer requiring parts, repairs or servicing, we can help you.
  • Safety Checks
    To ensure your caravan or trailer is in top condition before heading off to your favourite destination, see us for a comprehensive check.
  • Alterations
    From adding jockey wheels to replacing boat rollers, we have competitive prices on all modifications.
  • Servicing
    Come and see us for a comprehensive service to ensure your trailer stays on the road.
  • Re-build
    If you require a complete rebuild or just a canopy added, give us a call.
  • Respray
    We can repaint your trailer with industrial spraying enamel so it looks as good as new.

No Repair Job too Big or Small (Conditions apply)

15 minutes or hours, we will accept your project and deliver on time and within budget.

Fully Equipped Workshop in Adelaide

We can attend to a wide range of repairs and servicing and general fabrication maintenance (conditions apply), including:

  • Builders
  • Government
  • Artists and sculptors
  • Design students
  • Engineering companies
  • Gardeners
  • General householders
  • Fisherman and boaters, and
  • Tradesmen

machining-1Machining / Grinding

Well Equipped Workshop & Showroom

Treg Trailers & Gordon J Tregoning are one of the most comprehensively equipped factories in South Australia. Our wide range of machine tools enables us to carry out special purpose large capacity engineering of almost any kind at very competitive rates.

We offer a range of machining and grinding services using our niche machinery coupled with South Australian materials.


Tools, Blocks of Steel, Custom Equipment

Most of our machining and surface grinding projects look after our commercial customers (almost 90%). But we absolutely love helping out homeowners and sole operators with their special projects.

If you need tools, blocks of steel or custom equipment to perform jobs around the home, talk to us about your requirements.


Milling Machines 8 Including MECOF, all angle head. Digital 14.5′ x 4′ horizontal x 4′ vertical
Cranes, Overheads 15 To 10 tonne
Surface Grinders 4 To 12′ x 4.5′
Cylinder Rolling Machines 6 To 10′ long. Variable thickness
Guillotines 3 To 12′ x 5/8″. Strip to 24′.
Horizontal Borders 2 To 4′ quartering table, 4″ spindle.
Lathes 20 To 12″ spindle x (4m bed)
Vertical Borders 4 To 10′ table diameter
Metal Planers 3 14′ x 5′ x 4′ open sided. 14′ x 6′ x 5′




Please email, fax or bring in your rolling drawings for us to have a look at.

We specialise in sectional rolling as specified below:

Pipe: 12 OD to 170 OD

Square Bar: 6mm to 90mm

Round Bar: 6mm to 90mm

Angle: 20 x 20 to 150mm, 150mm toe out only all other section toe in or toe out. Small sections roll point (><) or point out (<>)

RHS: 20 x 20 to 150 x 150

Flat Bar: 16mm to 150mm can be rolled on edge.

Universal Beam: 100 to 150 UB x 22 on edge and 100 – 300 as a monorail.

Channel: 50 x 25 to 250 x 90 these sizes toe in or toe out, up to 125 x 50 on edge.

Universal Column: Up to 150 on edges or as a monorail.

We have medium size pyramid rolls – 3 metres long. Press small sections up to 3.6 metres long.

Specifications & Examples

250 Tonne Brake Press

1mm – 5mm x 4000mm Long (small sections)

5mm – 8mm x 3600mm Long (large sections)

10mm x 3000mm Long

14mm x 2800mm Long

16mm x 1200mm Long

Section Rolling

PIPE: 12mm diameter – 168mm diameter

ROUND BAR: 6mm diameter – 90mm diameter

SQUARE BAR: 6mm – 90mm

RHS: 20mm x 20mm – 150mm x 150mm

FLAT BAR: up to 150mm x 16mm (rolled on edge)

ANGLE: 20mm x 20mm x 3mm – 150mm x 150mm x 16mm (toe in, toe out or as a diamond)

UNIVERSAL BEAM: up to 250mm UB 37.3 (monorail)

CHANNEL: 50mm x 25mm – 250 PFC (toe in or toe out)

Plate Rolling

1mm – 3mm x 2400mm Long

5mm – 12mm x 3000mm Long

16mm x 2400mm Long

20mm x 1000mm Long

32mm x 600mm Long


Sheet-metal: 1mm – 3mm x 2400mm Long

Plate: 3mm – 12mm x 3600mm Long