Do you accept Credit Card?

Yes. Visa, MasterCard and Eftpos facilities available. We do not accept Diners, Amex or Union Pay Cards. We also accept business cheques and Direct bank Transfers (E.F.T.)

Do you service and repair trailers?

Yes we do. A booking is strictly required. Conditions apply to non TREG trailer’s depending on their condition.

Do you inspect homemade trailers at TREG’s?

Yes. Booking’s absolutely essential. (There is an inspection fee, plus any parts required). Once you have made your trailer, you will need to obtain a new V.I.N. and permit from Service SA prior to your inspection booking.

Do you do rolling, bending and surface/slash grinding?

Yes. Our capabilities are:

  • Rolling – Sheetmetal-Thick Plate. Pipe, Square, Round, Angle, RHS & Channel.
  • Bending – 4m long small lsections – 3.6m long large sections.
  • Grinding – Up to 2.6m diameter and up to 3m long.
  • Large capacity machinery.

Do you do plate folding and what is the thickest plate you fold?

Yes we can fold up to 25mm (depending on length).

Do you change ball couplings over to a TREG poly block coupling?


Do you courier or post out trailer parts?

Yes. We use a local courier and Australia Post.

Are your trailers made in Australia and do you export?

Yes, all our TREG trailer’s are made right here at our factory in Underdale, South Australia. We do not export out of Australia.

Do we accept trade-in’s?

No, we do not accept trade-in trailer’s.

Do you have or sell any second-hand trailers?

No we do not sell second hand trailers. We only manufacture and sell new trailers.

Are you open on the weekends?

No we are closed on the weekends. Are opening times for our Office, Showroom and Front Counter Sales are Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.

Do you sell hot dip galvanized trailers?

No as our trailers are constructed of zinc anneal steel and galvanized materials hot dip galvanizing is not required. We would only recommend hot dip galvanizing to black steel trailer’s. If a hot dip galvanise finish is what you are after, then we would manufacture the trailer in black steel then have it hot dip galvanised. We do not recommend hot dip galvanizing as material can buckle and it is an extra expense.

Are your trailer’s black steel?

No, we use zinc anneal steel and galvanized materials.

Do you make aluminum trailers?


Do you hire trailers?

No. we only manufacture and sell new trailers.

Do you sell boat trailers?


Do you register my new trailer?

TREG’s offer on-line registration facilities and register your new TREG trailer on your behalf.

Do you deliver trailer’s interstate?

We can do, providing an authorized account number with a transport company is provided or transportation costs paid up front. Another option is to organise your own transportation.

Do you have any agents for your TREG Poly Block Coupling?

We do not have any agents. You can purchase directly from us.