Tregs have a wide range of spare parts

Winches – Electric and Hand / Manual type Jockey Wheels – Light & heavy duty , clamp & folding type Mudguards – Galv. single and tandem axle Mudflaps – Treg and Plain Lights – Clearance lights , lenses and globes, L.E.D. lights Body – Floor , tailgates & sides sold separately

Boat Rollers

Poly Rollers – range from 4.5″ long to 12″ V Blocks (bowsteps) – small 3.5″ and 4.5″ Transom Wobble Rollers – mounted & sold separately Spindles – .75″ and 1″ diameters Brackets – “U” shaped

Suspension and Running Gear

Suspension and Running Gear

AXLES – Light and heavy duty complete with bearings, hubs, wheel studs, nuts and grease cap.

BRAKES – Hydraulic backplate and drums. Marinised disc brakes and calipers.

WHEELS – Ford, HQ Holden, Commodore, Toyota Landcruiser

SPRINGS – Economy / nylon bushed floating shackles. Heavy duty/ bridged, with rebound helpers.

U-BOLTS & FISHPLATES – variable sizes with washers & nuts



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