Rolling / Fabrication Press

Please email or bring in your rolling drawings for us to have a look at.

We specialise in sectional rolling as specified below:

Pipe: 12 OD to 170 OD

Square Bar: 6mm to 90mm

Round Bar: 6mm to 90mm

Angle: 20 x 20 to 150mm, 150mm toe out only all other section toe in or toe out. Small sections roll point (><) or point out (<>)

RHS: 20 x 20 to 150 x 150

Flat Bar: 16mm to 150mm can be rolled on edge.

Universal Beam: 100 to 150 UB x 22 on edge and 100 – 300 as a monorail.

Channel: 50 x 25 to 250 x 90 these sizes toe in or toe out, up to 125 x 50 on edge.

Universal Column: Up to 150 on edges or as a monorail.

We have medium size pyramid rolls – 3 metres long. Press small sections up to 3.6 metres long.

250 Tonne Brake Press

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  • 1mm – 5mm x 4000mm Long (small sections)
  • 5mm – 8mm x 3600mm Long (large sections)
  • 10mm x 3000mm Long
  • 14mm x 2800mm Long
  • 16mm x 1200mm Long

Section Rolling

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  • PIPE: 12mm diameter – 168mm diameter
  • ROUND BAR: 6mm diameter – 90mm diameter
  • SQUARE BAR: 6mm – 90mm
  • RHS: 20mm x 20mm – 150mm x 150mm
  • FLAT BAR: up to 150mm x 16mm (rolled on edge)
  • ANGLE: 20mm x 20mm x 3mm – 150mm x 150mm x 16mm (toe in, toe out or as a diamond)
  • UNIVERSAL BEAM: up to 250mm UB 37.3 (monorail)
  • CHANNEL: 50mm x 25mm – 250 PFC (toe in or toe out)

Plate Rolling

  • 1mm – 3mm x 2400mm Long
  • 5mm – 12mm x 3000mm Long
  • 16mm x 2400mm Long
  • 20mm x 1000mm Long
  • 32mm x 600mm Long


  • Sheet-metal: 1mm – 3mm x 2400mm Long
  • Plate: 3mm – 12mm x 3600mm Long